Yugioh Card Database




10/26/2017 Cleaned up raw card lists, and the cleaned list can be found at cleaned_cards

Need to categorize each of the 1610 1609 cards into one of the following categories:

  1. Normal Monster
  2. Effect Monster
  3. Fusion Normal Monster
  4. Fusion Effect Monster
  5. Trap
  6. Spell

Similarly, each effect, trap, or spell card needs to be assigned an effect ID, which will denote what effects the card possesses (not exhaustive):

  • PNTR (Atk-Def penetration damage)
  • DSTR (Destroy a card)
  • REMV (Remove a card from play)
  • RETR (Return a card to the hand)
  • SPSM (Special summon a card)

For the effect IDs which require a target card for the card interaction, a target ID must also be added to denote what type of cards the effect can or will target:

  • MNST (Monster cards)
  • TRSP (Trap and spell cards)
  • FCUP (Face-up monster cards)
  • GVYD (Cards in the graveyard)

For all monster cards, columns are required to denote ATK, DEF, and LVL information.

10/27 Unable to automate crawling/searching due to Google. Alternative method required to automate card type generation. Extra fields for card database required to denote type, effect, and other information.

10/27 EDIT No need to crawl/search via Google. Using the yugioh.wikia.com wiki pages, I can scrape card type and other relevant information from the website. Before actually scraping the necessary information, a database with appropriate measurements must be made (including but not limited to: cardNumber, cardName, cardType, AttributemonsterTypemonsterLevelmonsterATKmonsterDEF, etc.)