Xbox Explains How They Are Going To Unify The ‘Xbox Experience’ Across Consoles, Smartphones And Pcs

Microsoft showed a glimpse of the redesigned Xbox store a few weeks ago. They demonstrated that the new application was faster, safer, and easier to use. More importantly, the new store will be coming on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles. Now, in a blog post, Microsoft tries to explain how they are going to connect different aspects of the Xbox experience to create a whole ecosystem.

Gamer Choice

The ecosystem will connect different hardware devices via software so that gamers who are the core of the ecosystem can enjoy the whole suite of Xbox products and services. Xbox believes in “Gamer choice” and aspires to deliver a cohesive experience no matter what device they are using. Gamers can instantly post their screenshots or gameplay videos via their phone, which is way better in handling social media applications than the Xbox console.

Xbox Game Pass

The ecosystem streamlines the gaming experience regardless of the hardware. The Xbox Game pass is a prime example here. Users on PC and Xbox One consoles share a similar experience irrespective of their platform. Android users will also share the same experience via cloud gaming when xCloud launches. According to the Xbox head of design and research says, “Text is more readable, elements on the screen are easier to understand at a glance, and accomplishing your tasks is faster than ever.” So, those who are new to the ecosystem can easily navigate their way around the UI.

Gaming In An Instant

Series X will undoubtedly be the most powerful console of the generation. The new velocity architecture and Quick resume features will let gamers on the Series X console to load your games instantly. They claimed that the home screen is 50% faster when you boot the Xbox and almost 30% faster when you minimize your games. Furthermore, they were able to decrease memory use by 30%.

United experienec
United Platform

Microsoft is trying to push Xbox as a service that coincides with its plan to shift to cloud gaming in the future. The new Xbox app integrates features on the consoles with smartphones and PC. Sharing screenshots and gameplay can be done instantly via the Xbox application on the smartphone and PC.

Lastly, the new features will be rolled out in the coming weeks on the Xbox One consoles and other platforms via the Xbox application.