THERAPlatform – Review



Pros: User-Friendly Interface, Expanded Telehealth Features, Robust Client Portal

Cons: Missing some refinement in features, Electronic Insurance claim workflow could be improved

Standout Features: User-Friendly Interface, Telehealth functionality/features

It Might Be A Good Choice For Practices That: Desire expanded telehealth functionality along with a robust client portal.


THERAPlatform is where the primary element has consistently been telehealth and the training the board framework has developed around it. Their telehealth platform is vigorous, supporting gatherings and including an intuitive white board just as screen, report, and even video sharing. Their ProPlus form even incorporates intuitive games and exercises. While a portion of their other practice the board highlights are not as full included, they keep on advancing, making THERAPlatform worth considering for any training that gives a lot of their administrations over telehealth.

Notwithstanding their hearty telehealth module, THERAPlatform additionally includes electronic cases accommodation with coordinated ERAs, adjustable documentation, and a full-highlighted customer entryway. You will likewise discover a blend of different highlights that are right now uncommon among conduct wellbeing driven platforms. For instance, THERAPlatform permits specialists to follow result measures and view a graphical portrayal of customer progress. Their planning framework additionally represents time region contrasts in the event that you work across timetables. Likewise, various arrangement updates can be made at whatever span you want. THERAPlatform likewise has a large number of the highlights that have gotten standard across these platforms, similar to auto-invoicing and the keeping of Visas on record for auto-charging.

There are a few subtleties of THERAPlatform that could utilize a smidgen greater refinement. For instance, in the event that you need to charge explicit customers a rate not quite the same as your standard rate, you will either have to set up another code/rate or physically change that rate on every individual arrangement. Setting your accessibility for arrangements can be dull as you should demonstrate it physically on the schedule. While you can make “rehashing accessibility” (for example “Each Monday 10-7”), there doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be an approach to alter a solitary case of that reiteration (for example “I’m not accessible next Monday”) other than to physically shut it out. Electronic cases recording could likewise be more smoothed out. As it right now works, an “receipt” should be made for a meeting before a case can be made. While these solicitations can be made in clusters, each guarantee should be documented physically by tapping on the individual receipt.

The uplifting news is, that THERAPlatform communicates familiarity with these difficulties and is devoted to proceeding to improve its list of capabilities and interface. Notwithstanding a portion of the weaknesses, THERAPlatform has a ton to bring to the table and its mix of highlights will make it an extraordinary fit for some practices. In the case of having telehealth administrations, with hearty highlights, coordinated into your EHR is especially important to you, THERAPlatform is unquestionably worth a look.

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