Spotify Tests An Onboarding Screen For Its “Hey Spotify” Voice Activation Functionality

Voice Assistants have gained a lot of popularity during the past couple of years. Now it seems like Spotify is following the footsteps of Google, Apple, and Amazon by working on voice activation for its apps.

A reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong first spotted a new feature that will let you summon the app with a voice command “Hey Spotify”. However, there would be a slight change in the functionality, as you can only use the command when your phone’s screen is on and the Spotify app is running in the foreground.

So, it clearly means that you can’t use the feature with a locked phone screen and when the app is minimized. It is worth noting that, the music streaming app can already respond to voice commands. Spotify users can open the app’s voice screen by using the wake word.

This screen allows you to look for your favorite artists, albums, or songs. The source spotted that the “Hey Spotify” feature can be enabled by navigating to the Voice section in Settings. Now in the version found by Jane Manchun Wong, we can see an onboarding screen where you can actually see the feature in works.

Spotify continues working on “Hey Spotify”, now with an onboarding screen

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) March 15, 2020

Even though Spotify has been pretty much successful in bringing its digital assistant to the app. However, the usability of this feature still remains in question as people can’t summon the assistant on your home screen. It would be interesting to see how the company plans to familiarize people with this change.

Like always, it is pretty much possible that the developers may change the way how the feature works before making it available to the general public.