Samsung G S9 Is Out Now Lets Focus On Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ are out and continuing to get the positive reviews all around although sales are down in Korea, to begin with, there are high expectations towards Samsung’s flagship devices. Production of Note 9 is rumoured to be well on the way as the launch date will be somewhere in September and the specifications for the next years Galaxy (Galaxy S10) are reportedly being finalised already by Samsung. If one company which likes to keep their competitors around the edge it sure is Samsung constantly being ahead of the market (at least for the last few years). As this is the tenth anniversary of Samsung’s Galaxy line is things are expected.

Keeping in that one competitor’s X flagship in mind Samsung is also considering Galaxy X and SX as names for its anniversary addition smartphones. The next flagship device of Samsung will come in two size variants which are expected to be a handy 5.8 inch and screen buster 6.3 inch with the 4K edge to edge display. Next year’s flagships will keep the similar designs of successful S8/S9 according to Samsung’s display insiders. Next year’s sizes would be a marginally large compared to this year’s 5.77 and 6.22-inch displays of S9 and Plus variant.

As the battle of bezels is heating up in high-end smartphone arena since the launch of S8 last year, next year flagship of Samsung is expected to have even less footprint on the front as bezels will continue to shrink. Naturally, the trend in the market has been for most companies to stick with successful design of the phones for a few years, Samsung is unlikely to change the design of the flagships soon.

Where bendy displays and Samsung’s promised foldable phones are far from production there is a very thin chance of them making in the market any time soon.

With all these rumours around I would still ask you to keep your hopes high and expect Samsung to drop a surprise.  In-display fingerprint scanner or maybe an improved facial recognition 3D technology who knows what’s in the bag for next year but do not expect such options in Note9 which is expected to release this fall.