Python Applications

Python Applications

Python is known for its general-purpose nature that makes it appropriate in pretty much every area of software development. Python makes its presence in every emerging field. It is the fastest-growing programming language and can build up any application.

Here, we are indicating application areas where Python can be applied.

Python Applications

1) Web Applications

We can use Python to develop web applications. It provides libraries to handle internet protocols such as HTML and XML, JSON, Email processing, request, beautifulSoup, Feedparser, etc. One of Python web-framework named Django is used on Instagram. Python provides many useful frameworks, and these are given below:

  • Django and Pyramid framework(Use for heavy applications)
  • Flask and Bottle (Micro-framework)
  • Plone and Django CMS (Advance Content management)

2) Desktop GUI Applications

The GUI stands for the Graphical User Interface, which provides a smooth interaction to any application. Python provides a Tk GUI library to develop a user interface. Some popular GUI libraries are given below.

  • Tkinter or Tk
  • wxWidgetM
  • Kivy (used for writing multitouch applications )
  • PyQt or Pyside

3) Console-based Application

Support based applications run from the order line or shell. These applications are computer program which are utilized orders to execute. This sort of application was more popular in the old generation of computers. Python can build up this sort of application very adequately. It is renowned for having REPL, which implies the Read-Eval-Print Loop that makes it the most suitable language for the order line applications.

Python provides many free library or module which assists with building the order line applications. The necessary IO libraries are utilized to read and write. It assists with parsing argument and create support help text out-of-the-case. There are likewise advance libraries that can create autonomous comfort applications.

4) Software Development

Python is useful for the software development process. It works as a support language and can be used to build control and management, testing, etc.

  • SCons is used to build control.
  • Buildbot and Apache Gumps are used for automated continuous compilation and testing.
  • Round or Trac for bug tracking and project management.

5) Scientific and Numeric

This is the era of Artificial intelligence where the machine can perform the errand equivalent to the human. Python language is the most suitable language for Artificial intelligence or machine learning. It comprises of numerous logical and numerical libraries, which makes simple to tackle complex figurings.

Actualizing machine learning algorithms require complex numerical count. Python has numerous libraries for logical and numeric, for example, Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Scikit-learn, and so forth. On the off chance that you have some essential information on Python, you have to import libraries on the head of the code. Hardly any popular frameworks of machine libraries are given underneath.

  • SciPy
  • Scikit-learn
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib

6) Business Applications

Business Applications differ from standard applications. E-commerce and ERP are an example of a business application. This kind of application requires extensively, scalability and readability, and Python provides all these features.

Oddo is an example of the all-in-one Python-based application which offers a range of business applications. Python provides a Tryton platform which is used to develop the business application.

7) Audio or Video-based Applications

Python is flexible to perform multiple tasks and can be used to create multimedia applications. Some multimedia applications which are made by using Python are TimPlayer, cplay, etc. The few multimedia libraries are given below.

  • Gstreamer
  • Pyglet
  • QT Phonon

8) 3D CAD Applications

The CAD (Computer-aided design) is used to design engineering related architecture. It is used to develop the 3D representation of a part of a system. Python can create a 3D CAD application by using the following functionalities.

  • Fandango (Popular )
  • HeeksCNC
  • AnyCAD
  • RCAM

9) Enterprise Applications

Python can be used to create applications that can be used within an Enterprise or an Organization. Some real-time applications are OpenERP, Tryton, Picalo, etc.

10) Image Processing Application

Python contains many libraries that are used to work with the image. The image can be manipulated according to our requirements. Some libraries of image processing are given below.

  • OpenCV
  • Pillow
  • SimpleITK

In this topic, we have described all types of applications where Python plays an essential role in the development of these applications. In the next tutorial, we will learn more concepts about Python.


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