Oracle Logo


Oracle is a brand name of the American organization of a similar name, which produces equipment and software. Its products incorporate worker equipment, business applications, middleware, and frameworks for making and utilizing information bases. The organization was founded in 1977 in California (USA).

Meaning and History

Evolution of the Oracle Logo

The current Oracle logo showed up after the rebranding of 1982. Before that, the association was known as Software Development Laboratories and was possessed by three business people who dealt with a mystery CIA project codenamed Oracle. In mid-1979, the organization was named Relational Software, and after three years – Oracle, out of appreciation for the economically fruitful Oracle v.2 data set. Simultaneously, she needed to change the logo to coordinate the new corporate character.

Design Elements of the Oracle Logo

The name oracle starts from the CIA-financed task’s code name that Larry Ellison had chipped away at. It additionally implies an individual expressing expectations. These individuals are likewise considered as “savvy counsel”. Being a PC innovation company, Oracle plans to be imaginative as far as giving the best software arrangements and instruments. Development is supposed to be the one that gives the organization a serious edge. Unpredictability is additionally probably the best test. These two would be sufficient to push the organization to build up the best innovation for the developing necessities of different organizations. Their goal is to foresee what the future necessities regarding PC software.

Font and Color of the Emblem


The architects made two tokens for the organization: a white one with red lettering and a white one. They contrast just in the “rearranged” course of action of shadings – all the other things, including extents and textual style, is the equivalent. In 2010, the company purchased Sun Microsystems, and with it procured the rights to its visual personality and chose to utilize them.

The first Sun Microsystems logo was made by Professor Vaughan Pratt, who instructed at Stanford University. The Oracle originators left just the precious stone molded ambigram and “Sun” from the first form and put a red square shape with the words “ORACLE” beneath them.

The primary image doesn’t represent anything: it is the organization’s name, portrayed in an unordinary textual style. In any case, the software producer has a symbol that is utilized in the webspace. The symbol resembles an oval square shape with a wide red line. You can advise it is the upset “O” from the full-size Oracle logo in the event that you look carefully.


The company lean towards a custom typeface that consolidates adjusted and pointed components. The letters have no serifs: every single even line, including the stroke between the side bits of the “A,” are cut at a point. This plan makes the engraving splendid even without extra realistic images.

The logo’s palette is very fluctuated, albeit the engineers clung to two tones: white and red (Pantone PMS 485). Now and again, the utilization of a RGB inclination and a highly contrasting monochrome rendition is permitted relying upon the visual setting.

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