Oneplus 9 Series Would Feature A Budget Phone In The Lineup: Reports Claim It Would Feature The Sd865

OnePlus is set to come out with its OnePlus 9 phones in the coming year. The reports claim that the company would be launching the device in March of 2021. According to other reports, such as this one from Android Central, claim that the company would be coming out with a budget edition of the device as well. This would be a stripped-down version of the flagship with similar aesthetics, perhaps. Now, we still don’t know about the nomenclature of the name but let’s just refer to it as OnePlus 9 Lite.

Budget OnePlus 9 to Feature SD865?

According to this report from 9to5Google, the company would introduce a budget edition of the device. This would be similar to many companies now doing so. Apple did it with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini. Samsung does it with the regular S20 or S21 in the future. They did do something similar with the S20 FE as well. Now, the news to be noted is perhaps the chipset found in the upcoming device. They claim that OnePlus 9 Lite would support a Snapdragon 865, instead of an 888 found on the flagships. This would make for a stronger processor than the 765 or even its successor. While that is true, the 765 or its successor would offer better power management with little sacrifice on performance. We have seen with Google’s Pixel 5 as well that the biggest processor is not needed.

Still, the 865 would be a good choice for the processor. It would really help in image processing as well. Reports claim that the phone would look quite similar to the OnePlus 8T, which would render the latter redundant. Not to mention, it may feature lenses from the flagships too, thus the powerful processor would definitely come in handy. We would know more about this in the months to come!