Office Ally

Here’s some information for moving your data over from Office Ally EHR to Jane.

We’ve successfully brought over patient demographics, future appointments, and even charts (woo-hoo! )

You’re able to export this information out of Office Ally EHR, which is what this guide is primarily referring to.

And while this guide is focused on patient demographics, future appointments, and charts – we’d be happy to review any other data to see if we’re able to import it to Jane. Just give us a shout!

Exporting your Patient List, Appointments, and Charts from Office Ally EHR

Office Ally requires you to have a program called Practice Mate installed in order to export any information.

We suggest reaching out to Office Ally as they require you reach out to them to install the program, where you will be able to export your patient demographics in Excel or CSV.

In order to export your appointments and charts, it looks like you will need to request these from Office Ally in order to get them in Excel or CSV format for us to import.

You’re able to reach out to Office Ally directly here for additional support.

Exporting Office Ally EHR Billing Data

We don’t import billing information as there are formatting issues between the two systems, but we can show you how to manually transition your patient credits and receivables into Jane.

You can also print or export and store your past Receivables for reference.

Other Data

If you see other reports within your Office Ally account that you are wondering about importing just let us know! In most cases, the data (excluding BILLING data) that is exported to Excel or CSV can be imported in some capacity. You can learn more about what kind of data Jane can import in our Diving Deeper into Importing to Jane guide document.

Uploading into Jane

To ensure that your data is uploaded to the correct account, and for security reasons, we do not accept patient data via email. You can upload the files to us in the Settings > Schedule an Import area.

You can find an overview of this process here: Scheduling Your Import.