No Man’s Sky: How To Get Coprite


Coprite is not easy to come by, and collecting it as a beginner is slow. Here’s our guide on how to farm Coprite.

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Coprite in No Man’s Sky is, nicely, sort of disgusting. It’s a material that is largely poop, and growing the flowers is the handiest technique of farming Coprite if you do not want to move around feeding animals and amassing their droppings for the rest of your days.

Farming Coprite by harvesting it from animals is surprisingly gradual and thinking about you need a gaggle of it to make Lubricant, this will surely avoid your development in the sport. This guide covers a way to make the whole technique less complicated by means of setting up your own Coprite Flower farm.

Collecting Coprite From Animals

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It’s a simple process, but very time-consuming.

  • Feed an animal.
  • Follow it around for a bit until it drops Coprite.
  • Pick up the Coprite. Animals can drop up to several pieces of Coprite, and you can feed more than one animal at once.

Because there is no real indicator of how long an animal might take to drop Coprite, this can take ages. You also need 50 Coprite to create your first piece of Lubricant…

You will need to harvest some Coprite this way to even enable the questline that will eventually give you the means of farming Coprite Flowers, so keep that in mind.

It’s just not a very reliable method of getting all the Coprite you need in No Man’s Sky.

How To Farm Coprite In No Man’s Sky

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There are a few prerequisites you need to complete before you’re even able to farm Coprite. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Start off with a Construction Terminal, crafted with Chromatic Metal and Pure Ferrite. You’ll pick up the blueprint for the Terminal after completing the Ghosts in the Machine quest.
  • Once you’ve got the Terminal, you need to start completing missions for the Overseer. After a set number of missions, you will be able to unlock the Agricultural Terminal.
  • An Agricultural Terminal can be built in either a freighter or a planet base, but you will need to put it on a planet base for Coprite to grow.
  • Hire a Gek Farmer from a Space Station.
  • Complete missions for the Farmer until he sends you on a hunt for some Coprite.
  • As a reward, you’ll get your very first Coprite Orb, which is used to farm Coprite Flowers and Coprite.

You begin with only one Coprite Orb, and it takes 4 hours to grow. Go off and whole a few different tasks until the primary flower grows, go back, harvest it, and plant greater orbs.

In a short time frame, over some days, you may possibly have more Coprite than you’ll ever feasibly need to craft Lubricant (50 Coprite and four hundred Gamma Root, through the manner) this means that you could prefer to promote your Coprite for a income.