Ni No Kuni: The 15 Best Familiars, Ranked


Ni No Kuni is famous for its pokémon-esque familiar system, so here are the most useful and adorable collectible critters in the franchise.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch originally launched in 2013 for PlayStation 3 to critical acclaim. It went on to have a sequel with Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom for PlayStation 4 in 2018. Fortunately for fans who missed out on the first title, the game was re-released for PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Ni No Kuni follows the story of Oliver, a young boy who discovers that he belongs in another world and is actually a wizard. It’s up to Oliver and his companion Drippy to save the other world from the evil wizard Shadar. There are familiars that can help in battles, an,d once Esther has joined your team, you can recruit even more familiars. Check out the best familiars below, excluding the golden versions, which are stronger counterparts but are only available post-clear.

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Available on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, this adorable RPG features superb animated scenes from Studio Ghibli, an intriguing storyline, and the ability to collect and train familiars. People love to hunt down and collect various monsters in games, and the Ni No Kuni familiars are perfect for this. Check out these 15 familiars that we recommend you utilize in your team.

15 Seed Sprite

Ni No Kuni Seed Sprite Scene

You’ll unlock the Seed Sprite familiar very early on in the game, but it’s largely not useful until you unlock the fourth character who has an affinity with the Nymphae genus of familiar. This familiar is perfect for that character and is a great healer to have on your team.

Additionally, it can be found on Ugly Duckling Isle if you want a different Seed Sprite than the one the game gives you. Its secondary form is Sprout Sprite, and when it comes to choosing the third form, we recommend that you choose Sugarplum Sprite over Sweetpea Sprite.

14 Griffy

Ni No Kuni Griffy

The high-quality element approximately the re-launch of Ni No Kuni for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch is that every one price ticket familiars will be given to you in some unspecified time in the future. So, for example, Griffy was in the beginning a pre-order bonus ticket acquainted from Amazon, however now you can simply cash on your in-game price tag after the rigors.

Griffy is one of the first-class attackers that you could assign to Esther and as it’s miles of the Aves genus, Esther has an affinity with it too. Its secondary form is Greater Griffy, then after that, you may pick to make it both Griffurnace or Griffrigerator.

13 Ice Maiden

Ni No Kuni Ice Maiden in Battle

Ice Maiden is another great choice for the secret fourth character you will eventually unlock as she is of the Daemonia genus, which he has an affinity for. Ice Maiden can be found in the north region of the Winter Wonderlands.

Her next form is Ice Queen, then you have the choice of Eldritch Empress or Sinister Sovereign. We recommend Eldritch Empress as it’s a fantastic tank with high physical and magical defense, as well as the Defend command, making her a perfect tank choice.

12 Thumbelemur

Ni No Kuni Battle with Theumbelemur

You’ll be given a Thumbelemur as part of the storyline in Ding Dong Dell, but you can also later catch them from Swan Island. As a member of the Bestiae genus, it makes an ideal partner for Swaine and is a decent attacker.

Its next form is Dumbelemur and when it metamorphoses for the third time, we recommend choosing Aye-Aye Sir over Aye-Aye Catcher, as the latter fulfills the role of healer and there are better healers to choose from than Aye-Aye Catcher.

11 Lagoon Naiad

Ni No Kuni Lagoon Naiad

Lagoon Naiad is another top notch choice for the fourth individual you release, and as it is of the Nymphae genus, he has an affinity for this familiar kind. It can be discovered on Friday Island and its secondary form is Sea Naiad.

This acquainted is a awesome preference for a healer, though there may be a better one for this person afterward in the sport. When it comes to the 1/3 metamorphosis, we propose the Greater Naiad over the Lesser Spotted Naiad.

10 Dinoceros

As part of the Dracones genus, Dinoceros is an ideal familiar for Oliver. It is vulnerable to poison but has nothing that it is highly vulnerable to. Additionally, it’s easy to level and has some very powerful moves.

Dinoceros can be found at The Genie’s Steps, and it metamorphoses into Destroceros, before becoming either Catastroceros or Demoliceros. To ensure its final form is the powerhouse you want it to be, you should wait until Destroceros learns Belly Buster at level 16 before metamorphosing it into its final form, and Catastroceros is usually the preferred choice.


Whippersnapper is arguably the best familiar to fulfill the role of a tank for Oliver. As part of the Vermes genus, it has an affinity with Oliver. It can be found in the Deep Dark Wood area.

Its next evolutionary form is Trapper Snapper, and then it can morph into either Snaptrap or Claptrap, both of which are good. However, if you find you need a little extra help, choose Claptrap as its final form, as it has some healing tricks it can use to support the party.


Bonehead is part of the Mortui genus, and this makes it the perfect choice for an attacker for Swaine who has an affinity with this genus. Not only does it deliver strong attacks, but it also has a resistance to physical attacks. Boneheads can be found in the Golden Grove-South area and morph into Bone Ranger before its final forms of either Bone Brigadier or Bone Baron.

Bone Baron is the recommended choice for players, which can also be found in the Shimmering Sands desert area. Generally, however, it is better to level your familiars yourself to make them as strong as possible.


Hooray is part of the Aquatica genus, and this makes it an ideal attacker for Esther’s team. Arguably, it is the best attacker for her, as not only is it a powerful attacker, but it has high speed and defense too. Additionally, it has a good range of offensive tricks at its disposal.

Hoorays can be found in the sea just south of the Summerlands, generally around Castaway cove. It metamorphoses into Hip-Hooray before its final branching forms of Grimray or Springray.


Oroboros is a part of the Vermes genus, making Oliver the great preference for this critter because of his affinity with them. It has a high magic stat that makes it a extremely good spellcaster or healer choice for Oliver to apply relying at the very last form that the participant chooses.

Oroboros is observed within the Rolling Hills region and metamorphoses into Chloroboros earlier than its very last varieties of both Obscuroboros or Fluoroboros. For a healer role, pick Fluoroboros, but, for a spellcaster position, pick Obscuroboros.


Monolith is part of the Automata genus, so it is best used with Swaine who has an affinity with this type. Monolith is a brilliant tank choice for Swaine, as it has a natural resistance to physical attacks as well as a high defense.

Monoliths can be found in The Bayous area near Castaway Cove and metamorphose into Megalith before its final forms of Paleolith or Neolith. Both final forms are good, but Paleolith has a handy trick called “Upsy-Daisy,” which revives an unconscious ally.


Napcaps are exceptional spellcasters and very handy healers to have in your party. As part of the Flora genus, they are best used with Esther.

Napcaps are found in the Golden Grove area and metamorphose into Duncecap before its final forms of Madcap or Nightcap. To make it the most efficient healer, you might want to get it to level 32, as Duncecap to learn “Second Wind,” before morphing it into a third form. Nightcap is the better healer/support role of the final forms based on the tricks it can learn.


Sillymander is the fastest familiar in the game and can also hit hard, making it a great choice for an attacker in your team. As part of the Vermes genus, they are best used with Oliver who has an affinity with them.

Sillymanders can be found in the Vault of Tears, and it metamorphoses into Slamander before it transitions into its final forms of Pyromander or Petramander. Pyromander is the best choice, as Petramander has a weakness to physical attacks.


Lumberwood is of the Flora genus and is best suited for Esther. It is the best tank in the game, and, if you have Esther set to defense and she has this little guy out, she essentially never dies.

Lumberwood can be found in the No Longer Mine area and metamorphoses into Limberwood before turning into either Umberwood or Wildwood. Wildwood is the preferred choice of most players, but, if you find you are struggling a little, then choose Umberwood as it has some healing tricks.


Toko is capable of becoming one of the exceptional powerhouse healers if the participant is inclined to place the time in. Not most effective is it a grind to achieve as it simplest has a 2% threat of being recruited and is prone to going for walks away, but it additionally takes a long time to build it as much as its final bureaucracy.

Tokos may be found on Ugly Duckling Isle and give massive quantities of EXP as a reward, so it’s one upside to farming them. Its next shape is Tokotoko, finally metamorphosing into either Tokotocold or Docotoko. Tokotocold can heal the whole birthday party with its Healing Rain trick, whilst Docotoko is a great preference for celebration buffs and casting off fame ailments in addition to being capable of revive party individuals. It’s a super desire for the fourth birthday party member’s team.