Microsoft Signs Multi-Year Alliance Deal With Japan’S Ntt Corporation For Enterprise Solutions On Azure Cloud Platform

Microsoft and NTT Corporation will jointly develop enterprise solutions on top of the former’s Azure Cloud platform. While Microsoft will offer the trusted Azure cloud platform and AI expertise, NTT will bring its ICT infrastructure, managed services, and cybersecurity expertise. Incidentally, NTT confirmed that Microsoft Azure is its preferred cloud platform. This partnership should bring in multiple new innovations in the field of wireless communication, IoT, as well as last-mile multi-user networking in the enterprise segment.

Microsoft and NTT have signed a multi-year alliance to build digital enterprise solutions on Azure. Given Microsoft’s rising influence in the field of Cloud Infrastructure, AI as well as other remote computing segments, the Azure platform should serve NTT well. The Japanese company is expected to utilize the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform for its Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) concept, besides other infrastructural needs, indicated Jun Sawada, President, and CEO of NTT,

“NTT is committed to helping enterprises realize their digital transformation initiatives to help create a smarter world. We believe that the combination of the Microsoft Azure platform along with NTT’s connected infrastructure and service delivery capabilities will accelerate these efforts. Additionally, the companies will collaborate on IOWN, including areas such as all-photonics network and digital twin computing.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft intends to work with NTT to develop and deploy products, platforms, and services that are based on Azure, noted, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, “Our strategic alliance combines NTT’s global infrastructure and services expertise with the power of Azure. Together, we will build new solutions spanning AI, cybersecurity and hybrid cloud, as we work to help enterprise customers everywhere accelerate their digital transformation.”

Microsoft and NTT To Collaborate On The Azure Cloud Platform For Global Enterprise Solutions:

The multi-year alliance between Microsoft and NTT is expected to benefit both the companies tremendously. Microsoft is steadily expanding and improving its Azure Cloud platform with support for multiple operating systems, and powerful remote hardware warehouses. Meanwhile, NTT is expanding its powerful Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure.

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Together, the companies clearly intend to deploy multiple services and platforms that benefit from the remote cloud computing and the robust infrastructure backbone for enhanced digital communications and secure data transmissions. Some of the key highlights or initiatives of the alliance are as below:

  • Formation of a Global Digital Fabric: Global Digital Fabric is a combination of Microsoft Cloud and NTT’s globally connected ICT infrastructure. It brings together the strengths of the two companies in the areas of productivity solutions, public cloud, global datacenter, and network infrastructure. The Global Digital Fabric aims to create a highly sustainable, secure and robust environment for enterprises to accelerate their digital ambitions around the world.
  • Development of digital enterprise solutions: The alliance also covers the development of digital solutions built on Microsoft Azure to empower enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation and to operate more securely from the enterprise to the edge to the cloud. Key initiatives include advanced analytics for cybersecurity threat intelligence, social robotics with relational AI for digital companions, digital workplace solutions, as well as knowledge discovery and management.
  • Co-innovation of next-generation technologies: The alliance will also explore research and development of all-photonics network and digital twin computing as part of NTT’s Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) concept. The goal is to provide a more natural interaction between people, nature, and technology, and to support sustainable growth with an optical-based networking and information processing platform of the future.

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The level of cooperation needed to achieve the goals mentioned above is quite astounding. It would surely require extensive collaboration between Microsoft and NTT. Incidentally, the companies have outlined some lofty targets, but they are certainly feasible.

Microsoft’s Azure platform has been proving quite versatile and flexible in supporting multiple and varied workloads in an efficient manner. Meanwhile, NTT’s hardware and software solutions are quite mainstream not only in Japan but also across the globe. Hence, it would surely be interesting to see how well the companies work together to bring in new innovations that utilize NTT’s hardware and software, and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.