How To Fix The Discord Stuck On “Rtc Connecting”

While using Discord on PC, many people have run into the ‘Stuck on RTC Connecting‘ error. It is a common error, appearing when your Discord can’t establish a connection with a distant server or when a local interference is preventing the connection between your PC and the Discord server.

RTC Connection Error on Discord

Before trying to fix the issue RTC Connecting issue with Discord, you first need to know why it occurs, so we have prepared a shortlist of all the culprits that cause this error:

  • Internet connection problems – This error might occur due to your unstable internet connection. So before enforcing any other fixes, make sure that your internet connection is reliable enough to use Discord properly.
  • Antivirus interfering with Discord – Some files of Discord might be identified by your 3rd party as possible security threats due to a false positive and be quarantined causing Discord to not work properly. To fix this error you need to disable your antivirus or uninstall it if it doubles down as a firewall.
  • Audio subsystem is incompatible with sound driver – Keep in mind that certain audio hardware will not function properly when forced to use the latest audio subsystem present on Windows 10 and Windows 11. To avoid this error, you’ll need to change the Audio Subsystem to Legacy in Discord’s Settings.
  • The conflict caused by Quality of Service High Packet Priority setting – As it turns out, some routers and ISPs are prone to misbehave when forced to use the Quality of Service High Packet Priority option that is enabled by default in Discord. To resolve this problem, you’ll need to disable this setting from the Voice & Video tab in Discord.
  • IP or DNS Inconsistency – It’s not that uncommon to see this problem occurring due to a badly assigned IP range or due to an inconsistent DNS. Both of these possible scenarios can be fixed by performing a Winsock Reset doubled by a DNS flush from an elevated Command Prompt.