How to Draw a Cartoon Clouds


Don’t you just adore those soft looking cartoon clouds that you see on TV and in video games. You know… like the ones toward the start of “The Simpsons”…

Indeed, clouds are likely quite possibly THE most least demanding things to draw – no doubt. Also, here, I’ll show you precisely how and why this is valid!

As you’re working through this exercise, kindly remember that there is more than one approach to draw a cloud and on the off chance that you want to change portions of your drawing – definitely — kindly do! All things considered, clouds are incredibly arbitrary manifestations (just like fire), thus there are unlimited prospects with respect to how they can be drawn.

First Step – Draw an Oval


On the page before you, feel free to draw a decent looking oval just like the one to one side.

Remember, you can draw any shape you need at this stage. A circle, triangle or even a square would likewise be perfectly acceptable.

Still… clouds do most frequently take an ‘oval-like’ shape. It is by all accounts somewhat of a norm. Anyway, we should begin with the oval and in the event that you’d like to switch things up later on, then kindly do.

On to the subsequent stage..

Second Step – Draw ‘Humps’


Whenever you have your oval drawn, the following activity is draw haphazardly divided and measured ‘bumps’ just like I did on the right.

Thus, feel free to track with the border of the oval, drawing bumps en route. Indeed, the ‘bumps’ give the cloud it’s ‘cushioned like’ appearance.

Looking at the cloud I’m drawing, you can see that I’ve given close consideration to attempting to make each mound like the following one. Yet, there’s actually no compelling reason to. Keep things arbitrary and don’t be so stressed over making it look awesome!

And finally…

Last Step – Give it Depth!


Last thing… give your cloud some profundity. This is the place where you can truly make your cartoon clouds STAND OUT.

Thus, return to the protuberances that you attracted the past advance. What’s more, once more, keeping things arbitrary what not.. broaden the lines of select mounds so they cross the border and enter the ‘inward territory’ of your cartoon cloud. Just do this to a portion of the mounds as an excessive number of changes will detract from the general look.

Wow – what a brisk and simple exercise! Do you concur? I’d need to state in reality… clouds are perhaps the most straightforward thing to draw. Also, since you realize how to draw cartoon clouds, why not draw an entire bundle more – enough to fill the sky!

Congrats on some really good (and quick!) work!

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