For Honor’S Marching Fire Update Launches October 16Th With New Arcade Mode

Announced earlier this year at E3, the Marching Fire update for For Honor is going to be the biggest one yet. This update will add a bunch of new factions, a new 4v4 game mode, and update the visuals of For Honor. Today, Ubisoft revealed that alongside Marching Fire, a brand new Arcade mode will also be added.

Arcade Mode

Unlike the PvP game mode Breach, Arcade mode focuses more on the PvE side of things. Hero progress between Arcade mode and Multiplayer is synced, making it a decent method for ranking up heroes. The new mode mixes elements of role-playing games into For Honor with the addition of quests. Players embark on a journey through “micro-stories within the larger war” by selecting a quest. Each quest has a certain difficulty rating (Common, Rare, Heroic, Epic, and Legendary) which varies based off your gear score. Although players have full control over their difficulty, it will be much more challenging to play a Legendary quest with a lower gear score.

What sets arcade mode apart from other game modes is the addition of combat modifiers. Consisting of a wide variety of buffs and debuffs, combat modifiers are applied to both you and your opponents. In quests with a lower difficulty rating, you are more likely to receive buffs while your enemies are afflicted with debuffs. Combat modifiers include health regeneration, attacks with fire damage, increased stamina cost, and more. As there are so many modifiers, the myriad of possibilities and combinations make every quest a unique experience.

Marching Fire for For Honor launches on October 16th, but pre-ordering the expansion will grant you instant access. Starting September 4th, players can pre-order the expansion to unlock the Wu Lin pack which includes one Elite Outfit for each of the four Wu Lin heroes. Those who do not purchase Marching Fire will still have access to the Breach game mode, graphical updates and the new dialogue system. Moreover, owners of the expansion can invite any friend into their co-op session, regardless if the friend owns the expansion or not.