Fix: Remove Ask Toolbar

Ask is usually installed without your input/knowledge because that is the way it is designed to function, hence it is classed as a PUP a “Potentially Unwanted Program” and a browser hijacker. Technically, ask! is not a virus, but a sort of malware it is not detected by the anti-virus software’s such as “McAfee, Norton, Bullguard etc”. for this reason but it can be very annoying since interferes with your default search engine, and redirects you to use their site to browse to other sites as that is how they earn money.

To remove ask from your search engine, follow these steps:

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware by clicking here , you can get the free version from their site or get the premium one for real-time protection or use the 14-day trial version (located at the bottom right) on their site. Unfortunately, Anti-Virus software’s like Norton, AVG and McAfee will not protect you from Malwares like ask which is the reason we need Malwarebytes to do a full scan. I highly recommend getting the premium version which will protect you in real-time from getting infected in future. The free versions are good for manual scan, but will not protect in real-time against future threats. If it is kept running on your system, you will be notified immediately with the Real Time scan feature, when a malware/adware attempts to get into your system.

After it has been downloaded install Malwarebytes, open Malwarebytes the icon should be on your desktop and go to the Scan tab, select Custom Scan and put check in all boxes in the left pane, in the right pane, select your drives and hit scan. This will take a couple of hours depending on the number of files on your system, after the scan has finished click “Quarantine All” and reboot your computer.

Next, Download AdwCleaner by Clicking Here The file will start to  download automatically. After it has been downloaded, open it and click Scan, wait for the scan to finish then click Clean.

After cleaning is done, AdwCleaner will prompt you to restart your computer – reboot your computer and after the restart test it. At this point, ask and any other malwares will be removed from your registry, files and browsers. (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome).

If you still experience any issues, feel free to comment below so i can assist you further.