Fallout 4: The Best Sniper Rifles, Ranked


Fallout 4 continues to surprise new and old fans alike. Use these best sniper rifles in Fallout 4 to dominate the wasteland.

Fallout 4 The Best Sniper Rifles, Ranked
There are many different types of combat in Fallout 4, including melee and ranged weapons. Sniper rifles have the furthest range that you can achieve in Fallout 4, and they are a weapon type that is present in every Fallout game in the franchise. There isn’t a single type of sniper rifle; instead, they consist of a large variety, including ballistic and energy weapons.

Some weapons come pre-equipped with a scope; however, there are many other rifles in Fallout 4 that you can create a sniper rifle out of by crafting a scope onto it yourself. Regardless of how a sniper rifle is created, there are some rifles in Fallout 4 that you should familiarize yourself with if you’re going to create a sniper rifle build.

Virgil’s Rifle With Scope

fallout 4 in inventory menu, virgil rifle

Location: Obtained after killing Virgil

Effect: 50 percent extra damage towards super mutants

Virgil is a super mutant character that you meet during the main storyline of Fallout 4. He’s a scientist and knows a lot about weapons, which is why he has a powerful rifle. Virgil’s rifle is an energy weapon, which means that you can only use energy cells as the ammo type.

Although you can use Virgil’s Rifle with or without a scope, it’s the perfect candidate for creating a powerful sniper because it deals extra damage towards super mutants, an incredibly common enemy type throughout the Commonwealth. If you’re trying to defeat mutants in the Commonwealth or on Far Harbor, then you should obtain Virgil’s Rifle as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, you have to kill Virgil before you can obtain it.

Hub’s Alien Blaster With Scope

fallout 4 alien blaster in inventory menu

Location: Quest reward for completing “Trip To The Stars” quest

Effect: Your critical meter fills 15 percent faster, and your critical hits deal twice the damage

The alien blaster is a powerful and unique weapon in Fallout 4; however, Nuka-World added an additional variant of this weapon in the form of Hub’s Alien Blaster. This gun can be equipped with a scope that effectively turns it into a sniper rifle.

Similar to Virgil’s Rifle, the alien blaster is an energy weapon that you can use with energy cells after modifying it at a weapon workbench. This special variant of the alien blaster is particularly useful for critical hit builds that rely on the Luck stat since it makes your critical hits deal double the damage.

Wazer Wifle With Scope

fallout 4 wazer wifle weapon in inventory menu

Location: Given to you by synth Shaun after completing the main storyline and his quests

Effect: Unlimited ammo clip

The Wazer Wifle is a completely unique power weapon given to you by means of the synth model of Shaun in case you pick to take him with you at the stop of the main storyline. You’ll have to finish some small responsibilities for Shaun before he offers you this weapon; but, they’re short and really worth it because you purchased this weapon as a reward.

Although there are weapons that deal greater harm in step with shot than the Wazer Wifle, it is a completely useful gun due to the fact you are not required to reload even as using it. This manner that you can use this weapon as plenty as you want, that is beneficial when it has a scope equipped for the reason that you can take as many sniper photographs as you want without reloading. If you want a precise weapon in Fallout 4, then you definitely should try to achieve the Wazer Wifle and craft a scope for it.

Tinker Tom Special

fallout 4 tinker tom special weapon in inventory menu

Location: Sold by Tinker Tom

Effect: Increases VATS accuracy, but it costs extra AP to use; this effect only occurs outside of combat

The Tinker Tom Special isn’t the strongest sniper in Fallout 4, but it has its place in many important situations. Most notably, this weapon is great for attacking enemies from a distance before moving into the location where the enemy currently resides.

You can use this rifle to attack a single enemy, and it will give you extra accuracy, but you can’t have entered combat yet; otherwise, the special effect won’t activate.

The Last Minute

fallout 4 last minute weapon in inventory menu

Location: Sold by Ronnie Shaw inside the castle

Effect: Deals50 percentage extra limb damage towards enemies There are not many particular weapons that target dealing limb damage in Fallout 4, that is why The Last Minute is this kind of incredible weapon. You can acquire this weapon by talking with Ronnie Shaw after taking lower back the Castle, that’s terrific because it means that you could obtain this weapon regardless of which faction you side with in the course of the primary storyline.

The Last Minute is likewise a gauss rifle, which is one of the strongest base power guns in the Commonwealth. If you need a powerful weapon this is tremendously clean to obtain, then this sniper rifle is a really perfect option.

The Problem Solver With Scope

fallout 4 problem solver weapon in inventory menu

Location: Given to you by Mason after choosing a series of correct dialogue choices

Effect: Increases damage with each consecutive hit on an enemy

The Problems Solver is a weapon in the Nuka-World DLC, and you can only obtain it if you installed this expansion pack.

A scope can be attached to this rifle which turns it into a powerful sniper rifle. This gun deals extra damage per each shot hit, which stacks many times for a powerful final damage bonus.

Overseer’s Guardian With Scope

fallout 4 overseer guardian in inventory menu

Location: Sold by Alexis in Vault 81

Effect: Shoots 2 projectiles

Vault 81 is an interesting location that every Wastelander should explore at least once, and one of the best reasons for this is that it’s the only location where you can obtain the Overseer’s Guardian.

The Overseer’s Guardian is a rifle that shoots 2 bullets instead of 1, which means it deals twice the damage of a regular projectile. If you’re creating a sniper build, then there’s no other sniper rifle in the base game of Fallout 4 that’s better than this one.

​​​​​​Kiloton Radium Rifle With Scope

fallout 4 radium rifle in inventory menu

Location: Sold by Brother Kane in the Nucleus

Effect:Bullets explode upon impact The Kiloton Radium Rifle is the strongest sniper rifle in Fallout four due to the fact, further to dealing ballistic and radiation harm, it also deals explosive damage with each hit. Explosive harm offers damage to every enemy in the region.

This gun is top notch for automatic rifle users; however, it’s also well worth using as a sniper rifle considering you can craft a scope onto it. You can most effective buy this weapon if you’re a member of the Children of Atom on Far Harbor.