Dragon Age Inquisition: Should You Support The Mages Or Templars?


Despite their status as warring factions, here are reasons to help both the Templars vs. the Mages in Bioware’s epic RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Templars vs. Mages is a prime decision thrown at the participant throughout the series. In Origins, it turned into extra minor. In the second game, the selection changed into everywhere and the whole thing exploded to the Mage rebellion.

In Inquisition, players are put in a place in which they decide whether or not to have the Mages or Templars be a part of the Inquisition. Whoever isn’t always selected turns into a part of Corypheus’ military.

So, what’s there to recall while making this sort of huge in-game selection? Well, there are five motives to pick out both faction.

Updated by Juliet Childers on August 18, 2021: The Dragon Age series has players make some staggeringly difficult decisions. Before the player even knows much about the situation, they are forced to help either the Mages or the Templars in Dragon Age: Inquisition. But the constant tug of ware between the two factions drives the story forward and helps the world of Thedas feel alive.

Fans of the series often stan one group or the other, but new players might wonder if there are truly concrete reasons for supporting the Templars vs. Mages in the third game installment. From considering past characters like Connor Guerrin to the simple fact that Templars don’t always do their jobs of protecting Mages, let’s explore reasons to support both sides in Inquisition.

14 Mages: They Are Oppressed

Mages are oppressed everywhere except in Tevinter. There are horror stories of them being abused by their Templar guards, forgotten in jail cells, and turned Tranquil. That is just how it is in Mage Towers. Outside the towers, Mages are hunted, killed, and live in hiding.

Even worse is if they are among the Qunari. Qunari sew the mouths of Saarebas (Mages) shut and use them as living weapons. So, why not choose them? Give them protection and show the world that they are worth more.

13 Templars: Mages Are Dangerous

Spirit Possession in Dragon Age Inquisition

The reason Mages are oppressed is that they are feared. There are many examples of Mages just losing control of themselves and hurting people. They can turn into Abominations, they can set people on fire, use blood magic, necromancy, and much more.

Templars are not as dangerous in that they cannot become abominations. They are simply trained in a certain kind of combat with ways to fight magic. This can lead to lyrium addiction, but that’s nowhere near as dangerous as a blood Mage or abomination can be.

12 Mages: Meredith Happened

Dragon Age 2 Knight Commander Meredith

On the other hand, one bad apple can spoil the bunch. Meredith from Dragon Age 2 is an example of one of the worst kinds of Templars. She has no mercy for Mages to the point that she does not treat them as people. In fact, she gets paranoid enough to destroy an entire city in the name of protecting people from Mages.

It makes players wonder just how much fearmongering goes into Templar training. Fans of the original game in the series will remember that Cullen goes mad and commits several Mage murders in the epilogue of the game. Though that was retconned out, it still hearkens to the extremism amongst the Templar ranks.

11 Templars: Anders Happened

Dragon Age 2 Anders talking to Hawke

For every bad Templar, there is a bad Mage. Anders is just such an example. He commits an act of terrorism to incite a Mage rebellion. He destroys a Chantry. He also is a great example of how Mages can lack control.

A bit of a tragic character, Anders has a spirit of Justice inside him. But Anders’ own anger twisted the spirit into one of Revenge. As such, the spirit sometimes takes him over and possesses him to the point that Hawke has to fight him depending on where the player brought him and what choices were made.

Though technically an abomination, Anders keeps himself under control…until he blows up a Chantry to send the Templars a message. Pretty extreme.

10 Mages: The Player And/Or Their Friends Are Mages

Dragon Age Inquisition Dorian kissing Inquisitor

In the series, the player meets a lot of Mages. There is Morrigan, Wynne, Anders, Merrill, Solas, Dorian, Vivienne, and many more. Fans may have romanced some of them, or the player character is of the Mage class. Logically speaking, a Mage would probably prefer to choose Mages over Templars. Though Vivienne might disagree.

Dorian and Solas obviously prefer the player choosing Mages over Templars. Vivienne does tolerate the choice if the Inquisitor makes sure they are controlled. In the epilogue, she transforms the Templars into a shell of themselves if made Divine.

Templars: Calpernia Is A Cooler Second-In-Command To Corypheus

Dragon Age Inquisition Calpernia

If the player sides with the Templars, then the Mages serve Corypheus, and his second in command: Calpernia. Fans really preferred her to Samson when it came to interesting villains due to her back story.

She is an ex-slave from Tevinter and a talented, capable leader. She loves her homeland but also wants to make the enslaved have more rights. What’s also cool about her is that the player finds that she doesn’t entirely trust Corypheus.In fact, players can convince her to betray Corypheus if they have the right leverage.

But if players choose the Mages to ally with the Inquisition, then they never even get to meet this character.

Mages: Cool Time Travel Plot

Dragon Age Inquisition Leliana In Hush Whispers Quest

Many lovers have agreed that the Mage quest is far greater thrilling than the Templar one in phrases of lore implications. In the Mage quest, players clearly get to time travel to a destiny wherein Corypheus wins.

They see allies at their lowest and the stakes unexpectedly grow to be pretty high. It is emotional, scary, and quite a bonding experience to see buddies fight for the Inquisition with their lives in a doomed global.

Leliana is mainly exquisite on this quest, as she has been tortured for goodbye however nonetheless has sufficient combat in her for the slim danger that she will change history.

Templars: Save Ser Delrin Barris

Dragon Age Inquisition Ser Barris

For every rotten Templar, there is a good soul, and Ser Barris is definitely one. He is not afraid to ask questions of his superiors and does not give as much into fearmongering as some of his peers. The player can see this when he is first seen in Val Royeux. He’s a lot like Cullen in some ways, the Inquisition version at least.

So, he’s a cool character. However, if the player chooses Mages, then he will die. The only way to save him is to choose the Templars.

Mages: Save Grand Enchanter Fiona

Dragon Age Inquisition Grand Enchanter Fiona

On the other side is Fiona, who actually is first introduced in the Dragon Age books. Those familiar with content outside the games will know she is Alistair’s mother. Going into Inquisition with this knowledge, it’s even more tragic if she dies and she will die if the player chooses Templars.

With her dying goes any hope of her and Alistair being reunited. Poor Fiona is stuck between selling herself and her people to Tevinter and/or being saved by the Inquisition due to their need for protection from the Templars.

Templars: Lore-Wise, Templars Make More Sense

Dragon Age templar art

Templars are built to fight magic, and Corypheus is a Mage. Cullen brings this up at the beginning of Dragon Age: Inquisition: that Templars are literally built for issues like what the Inquisition is facing. That is to say, the player is trying to shut a magical portal to the Fade, and Templars are basically anti-Fade warriors.

They are used to fight demons — a primary enemy in the game. So, it stands to reason that siding with the people who are not susceptible to possession is the wisest move to make regarding lore and the world of Thedas.

Mages: Seems Like What The Developers Want Players To Pick

Dragon Age Inquisition Mages vs. Templars Anders healing someone

Despite the fact that the lore tells players that the Templars are a necessary evil in Thedas, the developers consistently push players to sympathize with Mages and adopt Mage characters into their party ranks.

From the original game, fans are told (ad nauseam) that apostates are dangerous heretics. But most of the interactions with apostates show that they are just ordinary people. In the same way that there are “bad eggs” amongst the Templars (Meredith, Ser Otto Alrik), there are bad eggs amongst Mages (Jowan, Livius Erimond).

Moreover, the actions of Templars at large seem more villainous than those of the Mages. It’s a bit of a conundrum really.

Templars: The Fight Against Envy

Dragon Age Inquisition Envy Demon

Though siding with the Mages introduces the player to the fabulous and sassy Dorian Pavus more quickly, siding with the Templars gives the player insight into a very interesting boss battle against an Envy demon.

The boss battle itself isn’t as cool as the one against the mighty Fear demon later on in the game. But it introduces some compelling lore implications and the build-up to the fight is much more interesting than the nightmare of walking through a red lyrium prison where all of the player’s friends are dying or dead.

Mages: No Lyrium Addiction…That We Know Of

Dragon Age Inquisition Cullen Lyrium Addiction

By now, everyone who has played through Dragon Age: Inquisition at least once knows about Cullen’s tragic lyrium addiction. The Inquisitor can even urge Cullen to keep taking it, eventually leading to his death.

This problem is rampant amongst the Templar ranks — so much so that Cullen opens a halfway house rehabilitation center for Templars once he retires. But this begs the question: do Mages have the same problem?

After all, lyrium just enhances a Mage’s connection to the Fade and, thereby, the Mage’s magical abilities. Since they have a Fade connection, they ostensibly don’t need lyrium according to some fan theories.

Templars: It’s What Connor Would Want

Dragon Age Origins Connor Guerrin

This is probably reopening some very vintage wounds for lengthy-time Dragon Age lovers, but permit’s recount the tale of younger Connor of Redcliffe. He became but a boy, the son of Arl Eamon when his mom observed his magical talent. He had no Circle guidance, and his teach, unfortunately, grew to become out to be a blood Mage despatched to poison his dad.

Connor soon found himself beset through a Desire demon amidst the outbreak of the Fifth Blight. The player has many ways of addressing the state of affairs, but one lets Connor appear in Dragon Age: Inquisition in Redcliffe in conjunction with all the different “rebellion” Mages.

He isn’t always fond of recalling what came about and voted to hold the Circles no matter following his fellow Mages when they rebelled. Seems as if he would possibly vote for the Inquisitor to side with the Templars.