Apex Legends: New “Supply Bin” Bug Has Players Flying Sky-High

Since its release earlier this year, Apex Legends has been in the limelight multiple times due to various bugs and exploits. Just a few days ago, an issue with Gibraltar’s gun shield led to a lot of excitement within the community. It looks like that the momentum hasn’t been lost just yet, as a new Apex Legends bug is allowing players to reach unbelievable heights with the help of supply bins.

Supply Bins

Apex Legends players have discovered that open supply bins can be “charged” by repeatedly punching them. Once a supply bin has enough “knock back power”, any player who stands on top of it will be flung into the air. Here’s what it looks like in-game.

Although the mechanics behind the bug’s functionality are unclear, it looks like more punches equal more launch force. Moreover, placing a launch pad on top of a charged supply bin allows players to achieve even greater heights. Make sure that you place the launch pad before charging the supply bin. Otherwise the launch pad will fly off to the other side of the map instantly.

Just like what happened with the Gibraltar bug, players are using the supply bin bug to show off their creative side. One such player used a supply bin to launch themselves onto the giant animals located near the edge of the map. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to land on the creature, but the trip is certainly worth a watch.

While there is no fall damage in Apex Legends, it takes a long time to prep a supply bin for launch. In order to get an adequate launch height, you’ll need to punch the bin around 60 times, which will take a while.

Developer Respawn is yet to comment on the bug, but a fix is most likely on the way. Until then, players are continuing to have endless amounts of fun with the new supply bin bug.