Anime Websites to Watch the Best Anime


18 FREE Anime Websites to Watch the Best Anime Online

Anime websites are online collection of various animated movies, cartoons, and TV shows. You can browse these websites to find anime of action, drama, horror, kids, and more. Many such sites enable you to filter anime by season, year, quality, and language.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Anime Websites, with their popular features and website links.

BEST Anime Sites for you to Watch

Anime Online

Anime SiteLink
Amazon Anime
Anime Planet
My Anime List
Soul Anime
Anime Lab
Anime Heaven
Side Real
Anime Take

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1) Crunchyroll is a site for watching anime shows. You can browse the site to enjoy the drama or animation for free.



  • It offers anime on demand.
  • You can add reviews to the animation series you have watched.
  • It allows you to share videos on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Supported languages are English, Dutch, France, Italian, and more.
  • This platform helps you to watch drama shows.


2) Amazon Anime

Amazon Anime is a platform that enables you to buy animated movie CDs with ease. This site enables you to quickly search needed anime.



  • Allows you to buy anime with ease.
  • Offers animation videos of varieties of actors and directors.
  • Amazon Anime offers a wide range of subtitles.
  • Supported animation quality is HD and 4K.
  • Supports animation in English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, and more.

3) Contv

Contv is a platform that enables you to watch animation videos. This application provides modern and classic animation.



  • It helps you to watch original shows, genre movies, comics, and more.
  • This application is available for web, iOS, and Android phones.
  • You can add videos to the watch list.

4) 9anime

9anime is a website that allows you to watch the animation. It offers numerous categories, including action, comedy, drama, game, and more.



  • You can search for ongoing, upcoming, and most-watched movies with ease.
  • This site helps you to watch good movies, TV series, and OVA (Original Video Animation).
  • It allows you to filter your videos by season, year, quality, type, and language.
  • You can request anime you would like to watch.

5) AnimeDao

Animedao is a site to watch popular anime movies. You can search your favorite animation videos in English and Japanese language.



  • You can bookmark the videos.
  • Browse animation in alphabetical order.
  • The platform offers dark and light themes.
  • It provides notification of upcoming anime.

6) Gogoanime is a platform that is used to watch animation movies. You can browse or search for anime by day, week, or month.



  • Using this free anime site, you can watch an ongoing series with ease.
  • Offers genres like action, cars, horror, drama, game, kids, and more.
  • It allows you to watch recent releases, dub, and Chinese animation series.
  • You can request the video you are interested in.

7) Masterani

Masterani is a website for enjoying animated movies and series. You can use this website to search anime series with unlimited streaming.


  • Offers user-friendly UI.
  • It is one of the fastest anime streaming sites.
  • It can be used without any registration or additional information.
  • You can get information about the anime based on comments and ratings.

8) kissanime is anime streaming site to watch anime movies. This site offers an advanced filter to search your video by name, genres, and status.



  • Offers ongoing and completed videos.
  • You can request your favorite animation clips.
  • It provides categories like action, comedy, dub, adventure, and more.

9) Anime Planet

Anime planet is a platform that allows you to watch free anime online. This website offers 45,000 animation episodes. It helps you to create your own anime list.



  • It offers animation recommendations.
  • Browse all series with ease.
  • You can get the list of top anime.

10) My Anime List

My Anime List is a website for watching animation movies. This site offers reviews and recommendations of clips. You can find seasonal anime.



  • You can get notification of the upcoming movie.
  • It allows you to search for clips by movie characters.
  • My Anime List helps you to watch promotional videos.

11) Animefrenzy

Animefrenzy is a website for watching anime. You can also enjoy your interested animation movies on your mobile phone.



  • Offers a list of clips.
  • You can find popular animated clips without any hassle.
  • It enables you to watch the latest anime without any hassle.
  • Offers categories like Anime, Cartoon, movies, and more.

12) chia-anime

Chia anime is a website for enjoying high-quality anime clips. It offers more than 1000 anime for online streaming.



  • It offers genre list for adventure, comedy, magic, space, etc.
  • New anime series can be watched with ease.
  • You can enjoy the most popular and recent movies.

13) tubi is a Japanese movie collection. You can search for animated movies from classic blockbusters to new shows.



  • You can find shows and movies with ease.
  • Supports Android and iPhone devices.
  • You easily view the most popular and recently added clips.

14) Soul Anime

Soul Anime is a website that can be used to watch animations for free. It offers popular movies like dragon ball heroes, new fairy tail series, black clover, and more.



  • Offers a list of animes.
  • Search your interesting movie with ease.
  • Provides daily updates of episodes.

15) Anime Lab

Anime Lab is a collection of popular, subbed, and dubbed anime. It allows you to view recently added movies. This site streams the latest shows after a few hours of broadcast.



  • Provides action, adventure, horror, idol, drama, etc.
  • You can watch movies and shows from Android, iPhone, and more.
  • It enables you to watch thousands of episodes.
  • You can enjoy recently added, subbed shows, dubbed, and popular shows.